The therapeutic focus of PharmaFox is on neuromuscular disorders (muscle diseases). Neuromuscular disorders are a therapeutic area of great epidemiological relevance with a high Unmet Medical Need. Neuromuscular disorders can occur from birth to senescence and include devastating conditions such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Muscular Dystrophies (i.e. Duchenne), sarcopenia (muscle weakness in the elderly) as well as cachexia, a muscle wasting that can accompany cancer, COPD and many other chronic diseases. The main focus of PharmaFox is on sarcopenia. Sarcopenia represents an attractive therapeutic indication and as a consequence, most multinational Pharmaceutical and a growing number of Biotech companies are engaged in finding remedies. Nevertheless, there are no approved therapies on the market, nor expected successes in their clinical development.


PharmaFox operations are concentrated on the development of a pharmaceutical compound. PharmaFox is a small company with no own laboratories. The lead compound is developed in close collaboration with the laboratories of Prof. Alessandro Vercelli. Visit website for more information. PharmaFox operations are whenever possible outsourced and the company collaborates with a flexible team of experts (consultants).This enables the company to operate on very low fixed costs.


Pharma companies have reduced their own R&D programs and increasingly rely on in-sourcing of new drugs from small biotech. This trend will facilitate relatively straight forward contacts with the in-licensing departments of these companies.

1. Big and medium pharma companies

2. Expanding Biotech companies

3. Development companies